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Sheng Jen Ind. Co., Ltd. 聖真工業股份有限公司

Tools & repair kits|bike tool

Today is 25,Jan,2021
  • Contact Person: C. H.
  • Tel: 886-4-7385919
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  • Fax: 886-4-7385787
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Sheng Jen Ind. Co., Ltd. (2017 Catalog)
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Sheng Jen Ind. Co., Ltd. (2017 Catalog)

 Founded 20-plus years ago, Sheng Jen is a specialized developer and maker of bicycle repair tools. To meet the increasing demand in fast-growing markets, we regularly introduce new items of guaranteed quality, innovation and practicality, which have helped us to earn praise from customers at home and abroad.

Besides filling OEM and ODM orders, we also develop multifunctional hand tools under our own SHENG JEN brand. Our products not only effectively raise efficiency at bicycle assembly plants by lowering production cost, but also allow professional and amateur riders to easily handle DIY repairs. 

We’ve recently developed two dedicated hand tools, which are multi-nationally patented, that speed disassembly of bicycles and raise precision adjustment. Contact us to learn more.